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About us

Skydnor is a innovation company, who focus on combing advanced manufacturing technology to sales & marketing. Skydnor has more than 12 years experience in kitchen appliance area, integrating the R&D, sales and marketing, to provide a complete solution of kitchen appliances for global customers.

Skydnor specialize in Gas Water Heater, Gas Hob, Induction Hobs, Ceramic hob, Oven as main business. Each specify range are operated with our different professional team, from factory management, R&D team to production plants are independently focus on each main products. And most of products have CE,CB,EMC,GS and other world's rigorous gas product safety certifications.

Skydnor currently focus on Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa and Middle Area, who is not a company trying to extend the sales network to all countries, each country currently we are servicing are in depth cooperation. Not only touch the surface, but we are invested a lot on cooperating with local leading distributors as their core suppliers.

Skydnor vision is responsibility, honesty to customers. We value our company reputation, seeking for a WIN-WIN with our business partners is our ultimate goal, besides striving for quality and services excellence.



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